What we offer

We owe our strong world market position to our employees – to each individual one. We give our employees the opportunity to bring in their own ideas and to develop their skills and knowledge further by working in an environment with flat command structures and short decision paths.

  • Your advantages at SUSS MicroTec
  • Employer quality

Your Advantages at SUSS MicroTec

As an employer with a long tradition and modern corporate culture, we make every effort to offer our personnel optimum work conditions:


During the orientation period, we offer a tailor-made support program. A minder is allocated to the new employee during this period.

Flexible Working Times

Within our flexitime system, our employees can decide for themselves when they work – depending, of course, on the requirements of the position. Thanks to the flexible arrangement, professional and private interests can be better coordinated.

Continuing Education

The professional development of our employees is important to us, therefore we promote in-house and external vocational training.

Capital Forming Benefits and Company Pension Scheme

We offer capital forming benefits and assist you with your building loan contract or your Riester pension. We also offer an employer-funded company pension scheme.

Family and Occupation

After parental leave, our flexible working time model helps parents adapt their work at SUSS MicroTec to their private situation.

Occupational Health Management

For example in-house massages and fitness studio.

Special Benefits

For individual events such as weddings or relocations, we grant special leave as well as cash gifts for weddings, births, and anniversaries.

Vacation Entitlement

Vacation entitlement is 30 days per year, whereby December 24 and 31 are additional work-free days.

Other Benefits:

  • Work contracts are generally open-ended
  • Safe and modern working environment
  • Relocation assistance for new employees
  • Subsidized cafeteria in Garching and Sternenfels
  • Established process flow charts as part of ISO certification
  • Cooperative collaboration with our employee representative
  • "Employees recruit employees" program
  • Travel time counts as working time

Employer quality

That is What Makes SUSS MicroTec Special


Technology Leader

In order to remain successful and grow in the innovative and progressive semiconductor industry and its related markets, SUSS MicroTec continuously expands its efforts in the fields of research and development. In addition to robust developmental activities and cooperation with leading research institutions and universities, all processes are geared towards high rates of development and efficiency.

Future-oriented Industry

Whether for the manufacture of memory chips, cameras for mobile telephones, or tire-pressure sensors - SUSS MicroTec solutions are already used within a wide variety of manufacturing processes for everyday and industrial use. But semiconductors are becoming increasingly important in everyday life, for example in robots, in autonomous driving, and in smart homes. The new application areas demand new solutions from chip manufacturers and thus also from their suppliers, the manufacturers of special-purpose semiconductor machines.

Short Decision Paths, Leeway in Decision-making and Flat Hierarchies

Thanks to direct communication between business levels, important decisions can be made quickly instead of passing through countless panels and committees. With small hierarchical structures and fewer bureaucratic hurdles, our employees have more decision-making leeway and are able to make things happen.

Proximity to the Products

In almost all positions in our company, you will have a direct influence on what happens and can see your own contribution to the company's success.

Small teams, direct integration of the workforce in product development, and close contact with customers make us fast, flexible, and innovative.

Early Assumption of Responsibility

After the individual orientation period and even as a graduate student, you can quickly take on the responsibility of issues and projects.

Diverse Tasks

As an employee of SUSS MicroTec, you will often work in several areas simultaneously. This makes the work more varied and interesting.

Personal Work Environment

Due to close cooperation between the divisions, there is often a time for discussion and most employees know each other personally and are often on a first-name basis.