Inkjet printer for mass production

PiXDRO JETx for optimum throughput, cost of ownership, product quality and reliability in 24/7 operation.

The PiXDRO JETx inkjet printer for mass production is SUSS MicroTec’s most advanced platform for printing functional materials. It features a modular architecture and can be configured for a wide range of applications.

The PiXDRO JETx is designed for 24/7 fully automated production, and is typically configured for processing large volumes of customer-specific products.

The PiXDRO JETx system has a granite base for superior stability and extremely high stage accuracy and printing precision, combined with high throughput and lowest cost of ownership. It is based on three standard platforms, the JETx-S, M und P, each system targeting specific application areas and product sizes.


  • Modular architecture enables fast and reliable application-specific functionality
  • High reliability and productivity
  • Flexible process flow editor
  • Customizable configuration for best cost of ownership and process control
  • Compatible with solvent-based, aqueous, hot melt and UV-curable inks
  • Easy to operate and maintain

Main features and options

  • Multi-printhead arrays
  • Multiple ink supply systems
  • Recirculating ink supply for nano-particle inks
  • In-line UV, photonic and NIR pinning and curing
  • Advanced fiducial and substrate alignment
  • Print inspection stations
  • Downflow control for clean environment
  • Glovebox integration for inert environment
  • Automatic substrate handling
  • Connectivity to other processing equipment
  • Temperature-controlled substrate chuck
  • Multi-lane substrate handling
  • MES interface for factory automation


  • Advanced Gerber File Rasterizer
  • Automated Print Optimization

Details : Printheads & Cartridges

  • KM 1024i + UV Printhead Assembly
  • Fujifilm Dimatix Cartridge (DMC Samba)