MA12 Mask Aligner

Operator-Assisted Mask Aligner for Industrial Research and Cost-Effective Production

Based on the latest mask aligner technology, the MA12 is designed for operator-assisted alignment and exposure of wafers up to 300mm and square substrates and is suitable for industrial research and production. With its flexible handling and process control features the MA12 is the right tool of choice for advanced packaging applications like 3D wafer-level chip scale packaging as well as for the production and development of sensitive devices such as MEMS.


  • Enhanced process control
  • Reliable handling of warped wafers and sensitive material
  • Excellent light uniformity
MA12 Mask Aligner

With its choice of alignment technologies and exposure optics adjustable to meet different exposure requirements the MA12 offers the flexibility needed in the development and adoption of latest lithography processes. The operator-assisted system maintains a high degree of process control and reliability in combination with the advantages of manual wafer handling.

Being based on the latest mask alignment technology the MA12 allows an easy transition of developed processes to SUSS MicroTec’s production aligner MA300 Gen2.

Details : Alignment

  • Top-side alignment (TSA)
  • Bottom-side alignment (BSA)
  • DirectAlign®
  • Automatic Filter Change
  • Assisted Wafer and Mask Loading

Details : Exposure

  • Proximity Lithography
  • Soft Contact Exposure
  • Hard Contact Exposure
  • Vacuum Contact Exposure

Details : Exposure Optics

  • MO Exposure Optics®
  • HR and LGO optics
  • Diffraction-Reducing Optics
  • UV-LED light source

Details : Automation

  • Automatic Filter Change
  • Wedge Error Compensation (WEC)
  • Assisted Wafer and Mask Loading


  • Lab Simulation Software
  • Source Mask Optimization