BA8 Gen4 Pro Bond Aligner

Highest precision bond alignment

The fourth generation of the semi-automated bond aligner platform BA8 is designed for high-precision alignment and subsequent reliable bonding of wafers and substrates up to 200 mm. Thanks to its high level of automation, the BA8 Gen4 Pro is well suited not only for research and development environments, but also for pilot or small series production. It supports demanding processes in the field of MEMS, advanced packaging as well as growth markets such as 3D integration.


  • High alignment accuracy
  • Mostly operator independent with auto alignment
  • High process repeatability
  • Easy system expansion
  • Selective or full-field plasma optional
BA8 Gen4 Pro Bond Aligner

The alignment of two wafers in the bond aligner is based on the same high-performance technology which has proven itself in the SUSS MicroTec mask aligners for aligning masks to wafers. The functionality of the BA8 Gen4 Pro is extended by fusion bond technology with silicon substrates being bonded in the aligner. The SUSS MicroTec manual wafer bonder SB6/8 Gen2 offers a selection of further bond processes. A special fixture system ensures the safe transfer of the wafer package from one platform to the next.

Specialized tooling for selective or full-field plasma activation additionally supports fusion bonding at low temperatures.

The process requirements determine whether the BA8 Gen4 Pro is configured as a manual or semi-automated system. Equipped as semi-automated tool with auto alignment, the user-friendly recipe editor and automatic axial positioning, the BA8 Gen4 Pro achieves high process repeatability and is therefore also suited for throughput-critical production processes. Manual operation permits the operator to utilize the device flexibly in a wide range of processes. A broad spectrum of process requirements can be met with a selection of alignment technologies.

Details : Alignment Technology

  • Top-side alignment (TSA)
  • Bottom-side alignment (BSA)
  • Infrared alignment (IR)


  • Fusion
  • Automation